FIX your screen - for FREE

DeadPixel FIX uses Javascript in your browser to generate noise and flashes, no additional programs needed!
Fast treatment up to 15 minutes. Please do not look at the screen, SEIZURE warning!

Drag flickering image to region with dead pixels

If your dead pixels are located on screen corners please try browser's fullscreen mode option [key: F11]

$1 donated / $104 goal (hosting and domain until 2018 jan)
$1 donated / $104 goal (hosting and domain until 2018 jan)

Dead or stuck pixel?

How to distinguish dead from stuck pixel?

Dead pixel

Stuck pixel

Dead pixel is black color - no power.
If dead pixel is caused by broken circuit chances to fix it is lower than 1%, otherwise 1-5%

Stuck pixels are usually colored, although there are cases with black stuck pixel.
If the pixel is new, chances are that pixel can be unstuck.
Remember, sometimes the longer pixels are stuck the longer it takes to fix them. Usually success rate is below 90%.

How does it work?

Noise algorithm

By generating simple noise - depending on your configuration - rapid change in pixel's color configuration may cause stuck pixels to change one's subpixel state.
Simple color flashes are more dangerous to people watching, it can cause seizure.
Noise is generated simply by JavaScript so not need to install any additional software except for your browser.

Side efects?

There is always a chance of pixel becoming dead instead of stuck - which is rare.
It is not recommended to try it on projectors with bad heat radiators, at least not for long.

Why this website was created?

I have bought a used laptop (ThinkPad x200), shipment damaged the screen.
Unfortunately there was no warranty, so I have used simple noise in Javascript and canvas to create flickering image. After little tinkering with code I have perfected the algorithm to work on almost any stuck pixel configuration.


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